Staff – Work With Us

Staff – Work With Us

Why Work At Camp Eagle Hill


Staff members at Eagle Hill are part of a team that provides truly exciting and worthwhile summer experiences. We hope that viewing this website will serve as the first step toward a long relationship with us, one that you will remember for many years to come.

Our camp facility is clean and beautiful with many newly renovated buildings and new program areas. Our program is lots of fun and filled with opportunities for you to share “who you are” with a great group of Eagle Hill campers.

Our staff is a friendly mix of college students and adult professionals, all eager to welcome you to be a part of the fun and camaraderie that has been a tradition for years at Eagle Hill. Throughout the summer, you will be teaching our campers, laughing with our campers, bonding with our campers and very simply, having the time of your life.

The “commitment” that parents make to us to care for their children is their single greatest act of faith. Parents select Eagle Hill because it is the right place for their family and ask us to act as an extension of what they want for their child. Parents want their children to have the experience of being away and living safely on their own, to have fun, to develop lasting friendships and to learn the life skills of living and sharing with others. These feelings represent our goals for our campers and we take the responsibility of providing these goals very seriously. Each member of our staff is hired to help us ensure that these goals are met.

Camp is people. It is all about what the individual staff member contributes to our camp and how the staff as a whole works together to make a great summer for each child at camp. With this in mind, we hope to hire people who will care about children, who care about the impact they have on children and who are prepared to care about the job they have been asked to do and the role they have been asked to play. We want people to join us who don’t mind hard work, long days and little privacy. We’re looking for people who are warm, friendly, upbeat, have a positive attitude, and are committed to the concept of “camp life”. Should you have these qualities and join us at Eagle Hill, you will be making an investment in what we expect will be the greatest summer of your life.


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