Performing Arts

Performing Arts

Theatre, Dance and Music

Three large productions each summer (a full musical , a comedy and a musical review) bring the magic of  our performing arts program center stage each summer. Eagle Hill has an amazing tradition for bringing out the talent of so many campers each and every summer and our program will appeal to even the largest of theatre enthusiasts. On our professional stage at “The Eagle Hill Playhouse”, any interested camper can learn about the art of acting and theater production,  can create a great wardrobe of costumes, receive skilled direction, learn a choreographed number or provide the musical accompaniment for any one or all of our camp shows. Improvisation classes, dance classes, acting classes, lighting and sound opportunities and other on-stage opportunities make for a very well-rounded performing performing arts program.

Recently, we’ve added a brand new dance studio as well as a technical theatre studio. In our dance studio, campers can participate in group hip-hop, modern, ballet or tap classes. There’s also time for individual work in our studio in preparation for a solo routine in our major camp productions or a fun talent show. Our technical theatre studio produces all of  the scenery, props and costumes throughout the entire summer. Set design staff and costume design staff work with small numbers of campers to produce some of the nicest and most professional looking backdrops and costumes each and every camp show.

Music is everywhere at camp. Learn to play the guitar, recorder, drums or keyboard. Lead the camp in songs every day before lunch during our camp “roundup” sessions. Join the singing at our summer-long campfire nights or join our theatre program on stage during our camp productions or Talent Shows.

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