Our Goals

Our Goals

Whether you are a young camper going off to camp for the first time or a veteran teenage camper, Eagle Hill has a camp program just right for you! We have tremendous Sports Programs, Arts and Theatre Programs, Waterfront Programs and a ton of smaller activity areas that will appeal to all ages with all activities geared to create excitement, fun and skill development.

Get the Most From Our Program

We want our program to challenge you with a climb to the top of our climbing tower or a  zip down our zip line…. We want our program to excite you when you jump off the top of our iceberg or ride our super go-karts… We want you to learn to use a potter’s wheel, to play guitar, to hit a golf ball or hit an overhead shot winner on our tennis courts. Most of all, we want our campers to have fun!

Everybody Joins In

Participation is a key element to our camp program and our Eagle Hill staff is trained to encourage (and not force) all of our campers to participate in the largest way possible. We want camp to be fun at all times and making each activity fun and inviting is a sure fire way to get everyone involved. Once everyone’s joined the activity, our Large Adult Staff and highly qualified activity instructors lead the way through all of our camp programs running organized periods of time with some teaching for skill development and lots of time for playing, creating, performing, or just enjoying. Our activity leaders are all enthusiastic, dedicated to their activity areas and great at developing age based programs. They ensure that each Eagle Hill camper is involved based on their age, level of interest and their own individual skill level.


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