Housing/Dining & Medical

Housing/Dining & Medical

Living at Eagle Hill

Few camps have cabins quite the size as those found at Eagle Hill. We have spacious, newly renovated modern cabins on both the boys and girls sides of camp. All cabins feature beautiful new wooden single beds, a large amount of floor space and ample storage for clothing. Our cabins are all equipped with full bathroom spaces consisting of three private toilet areas, four sinks, and three private showers. Each cabin has a large porch area, its own hot water heater, attic fans and both carbon monoxide and smoke detectors.

Eating at Eagle Hill

Food service takes place in our large Dining Room which is filled with plenty of area for seating as well as large amounts of counter space for the variety of choices offered at every meal. Our large salad bars at lunch and dinner are great for all types of special foods and are especially good for campers with dietary concerns. Our younger campers eat by group with their counselors at specific tables, helping to ensure that proper food choices are made and that group camaraderie is being fostered at every meal. Our older campers have many open seating opportunities on a co-ed basis allowing for a greater mix of camp friends to enjoy meals with throughout the camp season.

Gluten Free Food Service

Eagle Hill has a separate, dedicated Gluten Free Kitchen space, built for those campers and staff in need of this type of food service. Meals, desserts and snacks can be offered with the assurance that these foods are being carefully ordered, stored and prepared with a high level of quality in mind. We hope to expand this service and add other forms of specialty food service over the years to come.

Medical Facilities and Service

Our Camp Infirmary sits in the middle of our camp facility and is available to our campers at all times 24 hours a day.  Each summer, we have three medical professionals living at our Infirmary who oversee all medical needs each camp day.

A camp medical form is required for each camper to alert us to any medical concerns that we need to be aware of. This would include notations for any allergies, physical limitations, medications to be taken at camp and other pieces of important medical information. All medications, both prescription and non-prescription are stored in our camp infirmary and dispensed by our medical professionals.

Campers with new illnesses or ailments, or those campers following up with continued treatment, are seen at the Eagle Hill Infirmary. Where the camp Medical Staff feels that a particular camper should be seen by the camp’s Doctor off the grounds of camp, a child may be taken to a local pediatrician’s office where we have a standing appointment on a daily basis. Occasionally, a camper will stay overnight at our Infirmary to gain proper rest and medical treatment. Sometimes in the course of a summer, a child may be seen at one of the two local hospitals, both of which are situated about eight to ten miles away from camp. Naturally, we routinely provide communications with families regarding a child’s medical care at camp. In addition,  we can honor a family’s request for an increased level of communication if desired.




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