Individual Training

Individual Training

Optional Tennis, Swimming, Water Skiing and Horseback Riding Instruction

For a little more instruction and concentration in four particular activity areas of camp, we offer, on an optional basis, individual instruction in tennis, swimming, water skiing (for older campers) and horseback riding. Each of these optional programs is available for additional fees.

While all of our campers receive group tennis lessons and our younger campers receive weekly swim instruction classes, Eagle Hill families can opt to purchase additional individual lessons in either of these two activity areas. These lessons take place at varied times throughout the week and are scheduled so as not to compete with a child’s favorite camp programs. All lessons are aimed to take a child from their current skill level and advance them forward through training geared to their age and ability level.

Our Horseback Riding Program is available off the grounds of camp with campers riding once a week for 45-minute sessions at a Riding Stable not far from our own facility. Lessons are English riding style and take place with an instructor working with campers on a one to one basis or sometimes in pairs. Grooming and tacking up the horses is a part of the lesson process.  Riders are taught on the basis of  their riding ability.

Our Water Skiing Program is available off the grounds of camp with our older campers (those having completed 7th – 10th grades) opting to ski once a week for half hour sessions.

More details on any of these individual lessons can be obtained through contacting our camp office.

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