For Different Ages

For Different Ages

For Younger Campers

Younger campers at Eagle Hill (currently in 1st – 6th grades) live within divisions as Lower Inters or Upper Inters and benefit from our small camp groups and a high staff/camper ratio (two counselors for every seven children).  We have always had a Large Adult Staff and these parents, teachers and coaches help to create the nurturing atmosphere Eagle Hill has been known for.

For our younger campers, an Eagle Hill day features a program balanced on a 50/50 basis between group and camper selected daily activities giving our young campers an opportunity to create important camp bonds with others while providing a chance to express individuality in programming during each camper’s day.

Our younger campers eat their meals as a group, enjoy downtime after lunch, a hot shower every day before dinner and some free play after dinner. A nightly snack either at the Eagle Hill Sweet Shop or under the stars by the bunk area helps to complete the camp day and wind things down toward relaxed bedtime routines and an end to the Eagle Hill day.

For Teenage Campers

Eagle Hill teenagers (currently in 7th or 8th grades) are a part of our Teen Division and live just a bit separated from our younger camp. Teens enjoy a later curfew, eat co-ed dinners every day, have a larger and more varied weekly trip schedule and make nightly visits to the “Eagle Hill Sweet Shop” for music, dancing, games “hanging out” with camp friends.

Our Teens  have more individual choice in their program, selecting four of their six activities each day. A couple of periods each day are devoted to group activity emphasizing physical activity and bringing campers together through common experiences.

Our “Teen” Campers take an extended three day trip each season to either Boston or Philadelphia. They travel on air conditioned coach buses,  stay in high quality hotels and enjoy a sightseeing package of fun-filled events and interesting attractions.

Our “Seniors” Program

For those campers currently in 9th grade, Our Seniors Program allows this age group to have a fun, challenging, and new experience that is somewhat different from the experiences had in our “Teen Program”.  Seniors enjoy at least 11 days of trips out of camp (for full season campers – a 7 Day trip and 4 single day trips with our Teen Program), spend 1 night a week out at “local hot spots” with other Seniors, enjoy a later 11:00 P.M. curfew with our CITs, have internet access one time each week, help run Tribals and Olympics (Our annual camp competitions) and become certified in First Aid or CPR.

Our “CITs” Program (Counselors-in-Training)

The aim of our CIT Program is to provide those campers currently in 10th grade with an opportunity to take on some responsibility for working with younger campers at camp while at the same time allowing the individual CIT to enjoy an active and social camp experience.

CIT’s Live…
In a cabin with other CITs and two college-aged counselors.

CIT’s Typical Week Includes…
Two full days of working with our campers, two days of assisting in a specific area of camp, two days of enjoying the fun and excitement of a full recreational program with other CITs, Senior and Teen campers in camp, and one day of relaxation and socializing with other CITs in and out of camp.

CIT’s Are Evaluated…
On a weekly basis, group meetings and individual meetings are held to review a CIT’s progress.

CIT’s Evenings/Nights Include…
Involvement in all full camp evening activities, trips with other CITs out of camp, social time with our Staff during “Staff Nights Out”, opportunities to play in intercamp games, occasional O.D. (“On Duty”) responsibilities to supervise campers at night, and involvement with camp projects around camp.

CIT’s Are Supervised By…
An Adult “Groupleader” when working with campers or for issues relating to bunk life, a Specialty Staff Member for involvement with specialty areas around camp, and a CIT Supervisor for CIT scheduling, meetings, and camp trips.



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