Our Counselors

Our Counselors

All of our counselors are warm, friendly and enthusiastic. Many of them have grown up with us lending a great deal of tradition to all that we do as a camp. Our counselors care for and encourage all of our campers every day and make sure that everyone is participating, having fun and making friends!

Our counselors at Eagle Hill live in small camp groups with two counselors living and working with seven to eight children of the same school grade. These small groupings of campers allow our counselors to offer some of the best and most dedicated individualized attention to the details that will make the difference in a child’s progress and success at our camp.


At Eagle Hill, we pride ourselves on watching the details, so our counselors make sure that campers have proper amounts of clothes to wear for upcoming camp days, that campers brush their teeth, that they wear sunscreen and drink plenty of water and that they are receiving some communications from home. Counselors watching and working with the details of a camper’s Eagle Hill experience help us to provide the kind of care that we want for our campers.


Our counselor specialists are skilled in their specific area of expertise and work hard to develop programs that will be fun, productive and meaningful to our campers regardless of their age or skill level. They live with our campers and understand the importance of not only producing high quality activity programs, but also know the importance of camper inclusion,of building  a child’s self esteem and encouraging  the development of friendships and bonds between campers through activity. These specialists are trained to provide a fun, safe approach to working with our campers.

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