Have A Child Join Us

Have A Child Join Us

Create A Legacy

Continue the tradition of summer camp for your family at Eagle Hill…The ideals, the values and the commitment to children have not changed with time. Our family ownership has remained in place over all these years. Our place and our program have all been updated and are just great for the second or third generation Eagle Hill camper. What could be better than sharing with your family that which you yourself enjoyed during your younger days?

Please see the dates and rates for this program under the “All About Us’ section of this site.

We are eager to hear from your family and help with your childrens’ summer plans. We would also love to hear from any friends or relatives that might be interested in camp for their children. As the year progresses, space becomes limited. Call us or e-mail us for all the details. We would love to hear from you!

Call Us: 518-537-4000