Waterfront Director

Waterfront Director

The Waterfront Director position is that of a Department Head. All Department Head positions are non-bunk, meaning that the staff member has their own private room. The Waterfront Director oversees all other staff members in the Waterfront Department.

Department Heads are essential to the functioning of a well operated camp. It is expected that all Department Heads are self inclusive in many areas of camp, and have a full understanding of the scope of the entire camp program.

The Waterfront Department provides four essential programs; Swimming Instruction, Boating, Fishing, and General Swim. These programs take place in the lake and two camp pools. The Waterfront Director is responsible for the coordination and scheduling of these programs. This includes working with the Camp Program Director to ensure the availability of an adequate number and variety of programs and facilities to each age group. The Waterfront Director also oversees the instruction of the specialists, ensuring proper and safe Life guarding methods, as well as proper care and maintenance of the equipment. In addition, the Waterfront Director works with the Maintenance Director to ensure the proper chemical balances in the pools. He/She will also oversee continued lifeguard exercises and training throughout the summer.

As with all Department Head positions, we are looking to establish long term relationships that will afford consistency from one season to the next. In subsequent years, the Department Head will often assist in off-season hiring of their own departmental staff.

Qualified applicants for this position should have a strong Swimming background. He/She should hold a current American Re Cross certificate in Lifeguard Training, CPR, and First Aid. A WSI certification is preferred as well. It is most important that the Waterfront Director places safety as his/her top priority. A background that includes competitive swimming and/or teaching experience is required, as well as previous supervision experience.

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