Theatre Director

Theatre Director

The Theatre Director position is that of a Department Head. All Department Head positions are non-bunk, meaning that the staff member has their own private room. The Theatre Director oversees all other staff members in the Theatre Department, which may include a technical specialist and/or artistic specialist to handle scenery, props, costumes, etc…

Department Heads are essential to the functioning of a well operated camp. It is expected that all Department Heads are self inclusive in many areas of camp, and have a full understanding of the scope of the entire camp program.

The Theatre Department puts on two productions per summer, one of which is a musical and the other of which is a Drama. The Theatre Director handles all aspects of the shows. In addition, the Theatre Director conducts classes in other theatre related activities.

As with all Department Head positions, we are looking to establish long term relationships that will afford consistency from one season to the next. In subsequent years, the Department Head will often assist in off-season hiring of their own departmental staff.

Qualified applicants for this position should have a strong theatre background. Important characteristics of the applicant are strong ability for time management, creativity, and flexibility. A successful candidate will be able to balance the needs of the department with that of the rest of the camp program.

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