Our Campers

Our Campers


The quality of a camp is often a reflection of the quality of its campers and staff. Simply put, we have one of the nicest groups of both campers and staff found in any form of camp program. This fact is important and is ultimately the number one reason why so many people return to Eagle Hill summer after summer.

Who are our campers and why are they so nice? For starters, we have a good mix of campers with us each year. They do not come from one location and they do not have one mindset. They are from all different parts of the New York tri-state area, from other parts of the country and in smaller numbers, from other countries around the world.

Some of our campers are very athletic and particularly enjoy their participation in our sports program. Other campers love the arts, still others theatre or waterfront activities. Many Eagle Hill campers enjoy everything and simply love camp life. Regardless of where they are from or what they like to do, all of our campers participate at Eagle Hill and it is not unusual to find a strong athlete sitting on a potter’s wheel in a ceramics studio or playing a guitar under a tree. The lead in a camp show may be the star of our soccer tournament and a quiet camper who may be first starting at camp may be the big hit in the first week’s Talent Show . More important, it is not unusual to see the arm of one Eagle Hill camper around the shoulder of another Eagle Hill camper providing support, attention or just some friendship.

Our campers make our camp a special place and we attract really special kids.


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