Head Counselor

Head Counselor

The Head Counselor position is an administrative level position. It is a non-bunk position, meaning that the staff member lives in their own private room. The Head Counselor oversees the Group Leaders in his/her respective side of camp and reports directly to the Camp Director.

Head Counselors are essential to the functioning of a well operated camp. They are involved in nearly all aspects of camp operation, but also extend beyond logistics.

While the primary duties of Counselors and Group Leaders are focused on the logistical operation of camp, Head Counselor responsibilities are more varied and less schedule oriented. These could include handling issues with individual campers or staff members. Head Counselors also work along side the Program Director to ensure effective communications throughout the camp.

As with all administrative positions, we are looking to establish long term relationships that will afford consistency from one season to the next and therefore consider long term opportunity paramount in the selection process of the Head Counselor position.

Qualified applicants for this position should have an extensive background in residential camping. They must also demonstrate excellent communication skills as well as public speaking skills. It is essential that they understand the nuances of a traditional camp program. Applicants that have experience working with children and have also demonstrated leadership characteristics are preferred.

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