Group Leaders

Group Leaders

The Group Leader position is an administrative level position. It is a non-bunk position, meaning that the staff member lives in their own private room. The Group Leader oversees all other counselors in his/her division and reports directly to his/her Head Counselor.

Group Leaders are essential to the functioning of a well operated camp. It is expected that all Group Leaders are self inclusive in many areas of camp, and have a full understanding of the scope of the entire camp program.

Within each division, there are both General Counselors and Specialists. While they serve different functions during the daily activity periods, they share cabin related activities. It is the responsibility of the Group Leader to oversee these processes. The Group Leader also assists in the planning of special camp activities.

As with all administrative positions, we are looking to establish long term relationships that will afford consistency from one season to the next and therefore consider long term opportunity paramount in the selection process of the Group Leader position.

Qualified applicants for this position should have an extensive background in residential camping. It is essential that they understand the nuances of a traditional camp program. Applicants that have experience working with children and have also demonstrated leadership characteristics are preferred.

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