GoKart Instructor

GoKart Instructor

The GoKart Instructor, as with all of the specialist positions, is first and foremost a counselor position. The specialist will live in a cabin with 7-8 campers and 1 or 2 other counselors. Together they will be responsible for overseeing the daily domestic issues that occur within the cabin and among the campers. While the specific duties will vary based on the age of the campers in the cabin, all counselors are responsible for the following:


Ensuring the use of proper hygiene throughout the day.

Escorting campers to lineups and/or meals.

Helping the campers choose their daily elective activities.

Ensuring that campers are maintaining a healthy diet.

Ensuring bunk cleanliness.

Helping to resolve any disputes or dilemmas among the cabin mates.

Being available to any camper that needs additional attention.


These are the core elements of being a counselor and always are given top priority.

Specialty Responsibilities: Each specialist works 5 or 6 of the daily activity periods at their specific activity. The GoKart Instructor works under the direct supervision of the Athletic Director. The GoKart specialist is responsible for the operation of the GoKarts program. He/She must provide a safe operating environment, ensuring that the GoKarts are in proper working order and that the riders understand the safety rules of the track.

The number one qualification for this applicant is that he/she has a keen sense of responsibility and the ability to ensure safe operation among the campers. A successful candidate for this position will also have a creative and dynamic personality. A working knowledge of engine mechanics is also preferred.

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