Summer Camps for Teens in New York

Summer Camps for Teens in New York

If you are planning to book a summer camp stay in New York for teens this year,  consider Camp Eagle Hill: We have a camp program that is just right for you!

Summer Camp for Teens in New York

Eagle Hill offers tremendous sports programs, arts and theater programs, waterfront programs and loads of other smaller activity areas that appeal to all ages. Our activities are geared to create excitement, fun and skill development. In particular, we have a lot of opportunities for our teenage campers, including our Seniors Program and our CIT (Counselors-in-Training) Program.

Eagle Hill teenagers who are currently in 7th or 8th grades are welcomed to camp as part of our Teen Division. These campers live a bit separated from our younger camp. Teens at Eagle Hill have a later curfew, eat co-ed dinners, have larger and more varied weekly trip schedules and make nightly visits to the Eagle Hill Sweet Shop for dancing, games, music and time spent hanging out with friends.

A Summer Camp Program Designed for Teens

Teens are given more individual choices in their program than our younger campers. They are able to select 4 of their 6 daily activities. Two of their activities are reserved for group activities in order to help bring campers together with shared experiences.

A highlight for many teen campers is the extended three day trip that goes to either Boston or Philadelphia each season. Campers travel in the comfort of air conditioned coach buses and stay in nice quality hotels while enjoying their sightseeing package. The trip is filled with fun and interesting events and attractions geared towards teens.

Campers who are currently in grade 9 are part of our Seniors Program. This age group is able to take on a fun and challenging new experience that varies slightly form our Teen Program.

Seniors experience at least 11 day trips out of the camp and spend one night each week out at local “hot spots” with other Seniors, who enjoy a later (11:00 P.M.) curfew with our CITs. They also have Internet access once each week and are able to help run Tribals and Olympics (annual camp competitions). Finally, our seniors have the opportunity to become certified in First Aid or CPR.

Teens who come to Eagle Hill who are currently in 10th grade have the opportunity to participate in our CIT Program. This program allows campers to take on some responsibility for working with our younger campers, while also allowing the individual CITs to enjoy active and social camp experiences.

CITs live in a cabin with two college-aged counselors. Their typical week includes two full days working with our campers, two days of assisting in specifics areas of camp, two days of enjoying a full recreational program with other CITs, Seniors and Teen campers and one day of relaxation and socializing with CITs both in and out of camp.

The Eagle Hill experience is unlike any of the other summer camps for teens in New York.


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