Summer Camp Sports

Summer Camp Sports


For many of our campers, the sports we offer as part of the Eagle Hill experience are the highlight of their summer vacation. Playing sports at summer camp gives our campers the opportunity to develop their skills and make lifelong friends. Our program is dynamic and provides our campers with the opportunity to explore, learn and exercise – all while having a blast!

Summer Camp Sports

We believe that camp days should be active. Each camp day is set up with this goal in mind. Our summer camp sports programming is just one way we keep our campers active and enjoying their time at Camp Eagle Hill. A full day at Eagle Hill is filled with all kinds of exciting opportunities to stay active, make friends and have fun.

Our Sports Program

Eagle Hill has a dynamic sports program that is devoted to the fun and action oriented camper. All of our sports programs are led by trained staff members who are able to provide instruction in a positive manner that makes it fun.

We adjust our programs to accommodate different age groups and are able to work with campers of any skill level. When the weather turns from sun to rain, we simply move our sports programs indoors to our tremendous gymnasium, “Big Red.”

On any given camp day, we play sports for “the simple pleasure of the game.” During these Summer Camp activities, all of our campers have the opportunity to participate. Playing sports for fun helps build camaraderie.

At Eagle Hill, we offer a full range of optional tournaments, matches and meets for our more athletic and competitive campers. Campers can join teams for swimming, tennis, soccer, basketball, volleyball, softball and floor hockey. These teams play against other camps at both home and away games.

We want our campers to immerse themselves in play in a meaningful way that fosters sportsmanship and team play. While the Camp Eagle Hill experience is well rounded, a child who lives for summer camp sports will find our camp to be a dream come true.

Our grounds feature exceptional sports facilities, including beautifully manicured fields and well maintained courts.

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