How Summer Camp has Changed

How Summer Camp has Changed

Our camp was founded in early 1963 and we opened for our first guests that same summer. The grounds of Camp Eagle Hill were a dude ranch at one time. Guests of the ranch would visit to enjoy the great outdoors, ride horses and milk cows. Camp Eagle Hill started with only a few buildings and facilities. In our opening year, sixty campers experienced our first unforgettable summer, participated in all the fun of a camp season and built lifelong friendships.

Through the years, our camp has grown tremendously. We have added beautiful sports fields and courts, two pools, a gymnasium, a gymnastics pavilion, a large double looped go-cart track as well as many large indoor areas to provide our campers with a wide range of activity choices regardless of the weather.

Over time, our camp population has grown. Today, we have around 250 campers. Although our population and facilities have grown through the years, Eagle Hill has maintained its sense of history from its early days. We promote the same qualities of participation and camaraderie for our campers as we have for the past five decades.


While we still hold true to the idea that a key part of summer camp is to help kids enjoy nature and keep fit in the great outdoors, we also provide a range of contemporary activities to give our campers the chance to gain as wide a set of experiences as possible during their stay.  Campers can make movies, get hands on with computers, and music loving campers use our facilities to perform and record.

Our summer camp program is traditional, yet also highly dynamic.  We design our summer program carefully to give our campers a chance to explore, create, learn, exercise and above all else, have fun!

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