Summer Camp Advice for Parents

Summer Camp Advice for Parents

As a parent you want your child to cherish their childhood memories of summer camp. Camp is a place to develop existing skills and learn new ones. As a parent you want to nurture your child’s interests and expose him or her to new challenges. By choosing a summer camp like Eagle Hill, you will be immersing your child in a supportive environment that nurtures their existing interests and skills and gives them great opportunities to discover new experiences every day.

Our best advice for parents is to allow your children to experience camp life to its fullest. Don’t feel the urge to pressure your child to pursue a narrow set of interests. While it is understandable to want to see existing skills develop over the summer months, summer camp offers an opportunity for your child to grow as an individual and learn more about themselves. Above all, encourage your child to experience new things, form new friendships and have fun!

Another piece of summer camp advice for parents is to allow your kids to be kids. Summer camp is about having fun. While having goals for your child is important, summer camp is an opportunity for children to let loose a little. The school year is challenging and leaves little opportunity for children to take control over their own learning experience. At Eagle Hill, we encourage our campers to take an active role in choosing some of their activities. In this manner, they can learn and grow as individuals.

Our final piece of summer camp advice for parents is to allow your child to pursue camp life at their own pace. Participation is an important part of camp life at Eagle Hill. Our counselors are trained to encourage participation rather than force it. We make our activities so engaging and fun that they are irresistible to campers.

As a parent, you may be concerned if your child doesn’t want to participate in activities at first. Don’t worry. As your child becomes more comfortable, it will get easier and he or she will soon be the first to jump right in and try a new activity.

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