Summer Camp Accommodation

Summer Camp Accommodation

Campers at Eagle Hill enjoy exceptional accommodation. Few camps in New York State have cabins that compare to the size or quality of our modern, well-equipped spaces.

Girls and boys cabins feature new wooden single beds, ample storage for clothing and large floor space for group activities. Our cabins are all equipped with full bathroom spaces which consist of three private toilet areas, four sinks and three private showers. Each cabin features a large porch area and its own hot water heater, attic fans as well as carbon monoxide and smoke detectors to ensure safety.

Mealtimes at Eagle Hill

Our large dining area is the heart of the camp.  The food service area is equipped with plenty of seating and counter space for the wide variety of food choices we offer at every meal.

Our large salad bars offered at lunch and dinner provide all types of special foods. Campers with dietary concerns need not worry about finding plenty of food options at Eagle Hill.

Our younger campers eat in groups with their counselors at specific tables. This helps to ensure campers make proper food choices. It also helps foster group camaraderie at every meal. Older campers enjoy open seating opportunities on a co-ed basis. This allows for a greater mix of camp friends to enjoy meals together throughout the camp season.

Special Dietary Needs

Eagle Hill is sensitive to the dietary needs of its campers. We have a separate, dedicated gluten free kitchen space, built for those campers and staff who need gluten free meals, desserts and snacks. All of these foods are carefully ordered, stored and prepared with a high level of quality in mind. We hope to expand this service to offer other forms of specialty food service in the years ahead.

Camp Medical Facilities

We take every care to ensure camper safety throughout the summer, but we also ensure that we offer medical facilities 24 hours a day. Our camp infirmary is in the middle of our camp facility. Three medical professionals live at the infirmary and oversee the medical needs of our campers each day.

If necessary, campers also have access to a local doctor just outside the camp, and there are two local hospitals located approximately eight to ten miles from camp. If any camper requires medical care, we ensure that parents are made aware as quickly as possible for peace of mind.

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