Safety at Summer Camp

Safety at Summer Camp

We take the safety of our campers at Eagle Hill very seriously. Our facilities are modern, and tested for safety on a regular basis, and protective equipment is provided to campers when undertaking any activities where they are required.

Our camp directors, large adult staff, enthusiastic counselor staff and hard-working support staff work together to create a summer that will be the single most meaningful summer in a child’s life. Safety is a central concern for everyone at summer camp.

Trained Counselors who Put Kids First

We pride ourselves on watching the details. Our counselors ensure all campers have proper clothing, maintain good hygiene, wear sunscreen and drink plenty of water. Camper wellbeing is central to our camp experience. Counselors watch and work with the details of a camper’s Eagle Hill experience to help us provide the kind of care that we want for our campers.

Our counselor specialists are skilled in specific areas of expertise. These counselors work hard developing fun, productive and meaningful programs for our campers no matter their age or skill level. They are trained to provide a fun, safe approach to working with our campers.

On Site Infirmary

In order to provide day to day medical care for our campers, Eagle Hill has an on-site infirmary with 3 permanent staff in place to look after campers for any minor problems.  We also have a local doctor on hand for more serious issues, and there are two hospitals within 10 miles of the camp.  Should your children require any medical attention during their stay, we’ll keep in contact with you to keep you informed.

Contact us today to learn more about the safety measures we have in place to protect our campers here at Eagle Hill.

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