What Happens at Summer Camp

What Happens at Summer Camp

Summer is a magical time of the year for children. It goes by quickly and is full of opportunities for fun new experiences. If you’re working through the summer months, summer camp can be the best way of giving your kids a memorable vacation and the opportunity to meet new friends in a relaxing and fun environment. Summer camp is an enriching experience for children of all ages. It provides the right mix of fun and new challenges so that your child will grow and learn while enjoying the magic of camp.

At Camp Eagle Hill, we strive to create a dynamic program for children. It is designed to give our campers ample opportunity to create, explore, exercise, learn and enjoy camp life. The program creates common experiences for our campers which naturally help in the development of great, lasting friendships at Eagle Hill.

Camp days should be active. Each camp day is planned to provide our campers with some form of physical activity. This can be through our sports programming or participation in other activities enjoying the challenge of our climbing tower, rowing a boat, mountain biking around camp or picking up a dance class.

While physical activity is important, we also understand that campers want to be able to have input into their daily activities. We have a large number of optional activities that provide campers with down time and relaxation. We embrace creativity with music, art and more, including video editing, guitar instruction, fishing and pottery. We try to fill every day at Eagle Hill with exciting new opportunities.

Perhaps your child is wondering what happens at camp. Here is what a typical day looks like at Eagle Hill:

  • Wakeup – 7:45 AM
  • Breakfast – 8:15 AM
  • Cleanup – 9:00 AM
  • Three morning activities
  • Lunch – 12:45 PM
  • Rest Hour at 1:30 PM
  • Three afternoon activities
  • Shower Hour – 5:00 PM
  • Dinner – 6:00 PM
  • “Free Play” – 6:45 PM
  • Evening Activities
  • Refreshments For Different Age Groups/Bedtime Based on Age Groups

You can rest assured that what happens at summer camp, especially at Camp Eagle Hill, will provide your child with an enriching experience where he or she will make memories that last a lifetime.

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