Finding a Summer Camp For Kids

Finding a Summer Camp For Kids

Finding a summer camp for kids can be a challenge. There are lots of summer camps and you want to find the right one for your children. Summer camp is all about learning, growing and experiencing new things in a fun and inviting atmosphere. The most important consideration when choosing a summer camp for your children is that they feel comfortable.

At Camp Eagle Hill, we want our campers to have an unforgettable summer. We feel that a special and successful camp experience occurs when a child is thriving in an inclusive, inviting and nurturing environment. Our camp is populated with amazing facilities, staff and a program that immerses our campers in the Eagle Hill experience every summer. We go to great lengths to ensure that our campers feel welcomed into our close-knit camp community. As a result, we care about how a camper is doing in their group, their friendships, the level of care they are receiving, their health and well-being, their participation and ultimately, their success.

The Eagle Hill Difference:

A Moderate Population of about 250 campers lets us to get to know our better and helps us to run individualized programming without campers missing out on what they want to do, or spend time waiting in line.

Small Camp Groups of seven or eight campers to, makes it easy for us to provide caring supervision and helping our campers to quickly develop great camp friendships.

Our large counselor team provides children with a high level of supervision and instruction from experienced and knowledgeable staff members.

A Newer Facility which is still years younger than many other camps. We continue to improve the facilities at Eagle Hill each year to keep it fresh and modern. Our renovated cabins contain new single beds as well as large, clean bathroom spaces, making the accommodation really comfortable. Large indoor spaces help us to provide a strong and varied program during even the rainiest of summers.

A Well Balanced Program mixing group activity with a generous amount of individual choice time every day.

Age Based Programming allows us to provide different daily programs and more individual choices as campers become older with us at camp.

Hands On involvement from our directors helps us to know your family and your children.  We know the individual needs of our campers and have the time needed to address any individual needs. We personally work to make every child’s experience at Eagle Hill a tremendous success.

Ultimately, you need to focus on finding a summer camp where your child feels at home. Camp Eagle Hill offers an amazing environment for children of all ages and interests to have fun and learn together.

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