Medical Form

Medical Form

Important Form for Your Child’s Healthcare at Camp


2018 Camper Medical Form

Please download the 2018 Camper Medical Form and bring it to your physician to fill out. Once complete, please scan and upload the document to your camper’s individual CampDoc profile by June 1st, 2018. It is very important that we have a medical form on file for each of our campers before the start of our 2018 season.

For instructions regarding, please visit our “2018 Camper Forms” page in our Current Families section.


New Prescription Policy

For prescription and over the counter medications 


2018 McCarthy’s Pharmacy Form

In an effort to have our Camp Infirmary work more efficiently, we will be using a new system for working with the number of medications that come into our camp’s Infirmary each camp season. We have formed a partnership with McCarthy’s Pharmacy of Stamfordville, New York to pre-dose medications of all types (prescribed, over-the-counter and vitamins) into convenient, color coded, child specific packaging. This method will pre-dose all medications for dispensing at different times of the day as called for by individual prescriptions and will allow us to provide a streamlined approach to dispensing medication to our campers on a daily basis.  McCarthy’s has been providing this service successfully for the last few summers for other local camps and has proven, by way of reference, to be an excellent pharmacy to work with.

Most important to this process will be your attention to getting prescriptions to McCarthy’s in a timely fashion. The pharmacy will be looking to receive all prescriptions for all medications for your child or children (vitamins and over-the counter medications included) thirty days or more before the arrival of your child or children to camp. There will be a small fee for this service – please see McCarthy’s information on to see how to get started with this process and for fees information. McCarthy’s will be taking all payments via credit cards on a direct basis for all medications provided as well as the packaging and processing fees. Any questions can be directed to McCarthy’s Pharmacy on a direct basis either by e-mail or a phone call.

We are excited to be moving in this direction and expect this change in procedures to help us to run a better Camp Infirmary for this season and for many seasons to come. In advance, we thank with your help in getting this new process started this summer.




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