Eagle Hill Leadership

Eagle Hill Leadership

Large adult staff leads the way.


At Eagle Hill, we provide exceptional care to the individual camper. Our experienced Directors are extremely “hands on” in their approach to working at camp and genuinely care about meeting the needs and interests of every Eagle Hill camper.

Our large adult staff is comprised of parents, teachers and coaches who work with children all year long. All of these adults are dedicated to keeping campers safe, active, and happy during each camp day. They are strong role models who provide high quality supervision and instruction every step of the way.




Jesse Scherer

Camp Director

Jesse has lived his entire life in and around the camping business. Starting as the youngest camper at Eagle Hill and rising through the ranks to become a waiter, counselor, Group Leader, Head Counselor and Camp Director, Jesse’s years of camp experience at Eagle Hill serve him well as he leads the camp through its sixth decade of operation under his family’s ownership. After receiving an undergrad and law degree, Jesse has spent the last 20 plus years running camp on a full time basis, recruiting campers and staff, developing the camp program during the off-season and directing the operations during the summer at camp itself. As the father of twins and career “camp person”, Jesse prides himself on taking the time to get to know each camper personally and has the ability to affect each camper’s experience with the individual camper’s needs in mind.

Toba Duggan

Assistant Director 

Toba joins her brother Jesse each summer as an integral part of the management of Camp Eagle Hill. As the Operations Manager, Toba is involved with overseeing the workings of the camp’s kitchen, dining room, office, canteen, infirmary and laundry service. Toba is a 3rd Grade Teacher with the Mount Vernon Board of Education and the mother of three daughters, all of whom have been campers for many years at Eagle Hill. As a former camper and longtime staff member, Toba understands the value and worthwhile nature of the kind of camp experience children can have at Camp Eagle Hill.


Marie Wood

Assistant Director

Marie is thrilled to be a part of the Eagle Hill team. As the oldest of seven children and currently working professionally as a school teacher, Marie has been involved with the education and care of children her entire life. Marie holds certifications in elementary and special education from St. Thomas Aquinas College in New York as well as a certification in middle school math education from The University of Notre Dame in Indiana. Marie has worked with children of all ages and currently works as a gymnastics instructor with children from ten months of age through college-aged students. Marie has been teaching gymnastics for 15 years and has recently supervised the Eagle Hill gymnastics program in addition to her responsibilities as the camp’s Program Director. Marie has worked with Girl Scouting groups, Cheerleading groups and many, many other groups over the years. New and different experiences are the absolute best way to learn, grow and gain opportunities, in Marie’s opinion. Marie is excited to bring to camp that which she has learned through her vast experiences and enjoys contributing to the growth of Eagle Hill’s wonderful group of campers and staff while continuing to add to her own personal growth through her work at camp.

Michael Rivlin

Camp Administrator/Boys Groupleader

Summer camp has been a key staple in Michael’s life ever since he was a young boy. Having spent over thirteen years as a camper and five years as a staff member at day and overnight camps throughout the East Coast, he knows firsthand what makes the camp experience so memorable and magical. Before moving into a camp administrative position this past season, Michael worked directly with campers of a wide age range for several summers. Michael truly enjoyed being the leader of a large group of campers and helping individual campers to enjoy all that a summer at camp has to offer. This experience, together with all of his camp experiences, has sparked an interest in furthering his love for camp life and driven him to embark on a career in the camp industry. Michael is very excited to join the team at Camp Eagle Hill.

Craig Diamond

Arts Director/Woodworking Instructor

Craig loves camp in every way! He loves to share his outdoor experiences with the campers from nature walks and geology to keeping the telescope out at night to look at the rings of Saturn. During the year, Craig makes traditional furniture using only hand tools. His experience in the field of woodworking gives our program an edge over traditional woodworking programs. Having taught children as a lifelong educator, Craig brings a unique program that challenges campers to think for themselves and solve problems. An active sailor and chef, summers are the best time of year because they’re spent with a great family at Eagle Hill.

Sophie Vass

Girls Groupleader

Sophie joins Eagle Hill with a background in Waterfront and experiences at having worked at previous sleepaway camp programs. She has managed a large staff of people at a major corporation. Sophie is a warm, friendly and enthusiastic person with a constant smile and an excellent leader for the younger girls at Eagle Hill.





Lauren Davis

Girls Groupleader/Dance Instructor

Lauren is an Eagle Hill veteran who has headed up our Dance program for three summers while living and working with our older campers. Lauren now heads up our older girls division with the same type of energy, dedication and flair shown in our Dance program while with us at Eagle Hill.






Megan Joslin

Assistant Program Director

Megan is completing her first decade as a staff member at Eagle Hill. She has held a variety of camp positions over time. She is now responsible for all daily programming in the Eagle Hill program office.







Jessica Kershner

Waterfront Director

With six years of experience at various waterfronts, and ten years of experience in a variety 0f different camp management positions, Jessica left the Midwest to join the Eagle Hill Staff Family as the Waterfront Director in 2017. You can usually find Jessica in her kayak on the nearest lake or river. If she’s not there, you can find her in the closest state or national park, either backpacking or canyoneering. Jessica has a deep love for camp life and working with young people. Her management background and strong feelings for the benefits of the summer camp experience, make her a perfect choice to head up the Eagle Hill Waterfront.




Cameron Crump

Music Director

Cameron is Mr. Music at Eagle Hill. He plays the guitar, keyboards and drums and teaches these instruments in the Eagle Hill Music Program to campers of all ages. A music teacher during the off-season, Cameron brings a strong musical background to many aspects of the Eagle Hill program.





Lauren Bradley

Athletics Director

Lauren joins the Eagle Hill staff with a background as a semi-professional basketball player in Europe and a current Physical Education teacher overseas. At Eagle Hill, she runs the basketball program and is responsible for supervising our soccer, softball/baseball and floor hockey programs. Lauren has taught athletics to a variety of children at different ages and competitive levels and brings a world of knowledge to the Eagle Hill sports program.



Danielle Masterson

Technical Theatre Instructor

Danielle is a former recreation director for a local community, as well as a business owner who has worked with children for many years. She has a strong background in technical theatre and stage make-up and brings an extra flair to the Eagle Hill Performing Arts program.

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